Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I don't eat my salad from a bowl, I eat it from a BOWL!

The other night I made a very tasty salad.  A totally self-explanatory, good ol' fashioned salad.  (At least it might seem self-explanatory, except I've learned that sometimes people need to be reminded of the simple things, especially when it comes to their meal plans).  Sometimes meals are so easy that people forget about them, getting caught up instead in making a time-consuming, gourmet dish, which is why I'm going back to the basics this post and pointing out the obvious:  salads are healthy, light, and oh so versatile.  You can add darn near anything to it to make it tasty, or just keep it simple and low-calorie.
Since I have a salad addiction, I never eat them out of our normal bowls, but instead I eat them out of our large mixing bowls because heck, salads are good for you, so why not eat more of it?!?  After all, salads make the perfect healthy "meal!"
In my salad, I put spinach, tomatoes, radishes, carrots, green onions, creamy avocados, a sprinkle of nutritional yeast (this amazing product will be yet another post) and balsamic... but not just any balsamic, FLAVORED balsamic, which really made the salad explode with flavor!  However, you'll have to stay tuned for the next post which will be on the flavored balsamics that I found that really made this plain ol' salad delicious!

Eat your salad from a large bowl for a filling, healthy, lite meal!

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