Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dessert For Breakfast... Cuz' I'm Cravin' A Sweet!

For some reason today I woke up craving a sweet and feeling that low blood sugar jitter a bit (I'm hypoglycemic).  I'm not sure why as I don't usually crave sweets in the morning, but I was today.  I'm thinking maybe I didn't eat enough carbs yesterday, which isn't normally like me, but I got wicked busy and kind of forgot to eat in the afternoon.

It could also be that I'm stressed and things are pretty chaotic these last few days (especially today), which in the past has caused me to binge eat and turn to food for comfort (see my very first post...).  Since I finally decided to not let food comfort and control me but I still wanted a sweet, I made this instead:
1 medium Gala apple sliced with my apple slicer (super handy)
1 tbsp Chocolate PB2
1 tbsp plain coconut milk
I mixed the milk and PB2 and drizzled it over my apple for a low cal, healthy dessert for breakfast!  And yes, I licked the plate **smile**
apple approx 80 calories
milk/PB2 mix approx 25 calorie

Have an apple with PB2 (or chocolate PB2) for a healthy snack/dessert!

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