Friday, April 1, 2011

Mmmmm... flavored balsamic vinegars!

I posted a quick blurb the other day on my simple salad and mentioned that it was the balsamic vinegar that made it so tasty.  Well, I'm finally getting around to posting what balsamic it was that made it so good!  I found these great little flavored balsamic vinegar samplers from Lucero Olive Oil.  3 sample flavors including Peach, Red Apple and Blueberry came in a package for $12.00.  The flavor was subtle yet delicious, making it just enough to enhance a perfectly boring salad (ok, it wasn't necessarily boring with all those veggies bursting with flavor, but the balsamic certainly helped!).
I'm thinking I'm going to try some pureed cooked chicken (small farm raised, all natural, healthy and humanely raised chicken) with some small apple chunks, a bit of the Red Apple flavored balsamic, celery chunks... and who knows what else for a chicken salad sandwich with a twist.
Lucero also carries a chocolate infused olive oil, which I haven't tried yet, but looking at some of the ideas that it can be used for, it will be in my next order!  (For instance, if you're going to use olive oil for baking, you might as well use chocolate infused oil!  Mmmmm... can't wait to try it!).
Anyway, happy salad eating! (and no, I don't get anything for directing anyone to this site.  I am just passing on info on some good stuff!)

Flavored balsamic vinegar will add that tasty twist to your boring ol salad without adding all the calories!

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