Sunday, April 3, 2011

Could it be?!? A $3.99 skin product from Walgreens actually works! (For girls and guys)

Ok, I'm just going to get real in my post today...  I'm here to help people so I might as well just disclose that yes, I get breakouts as an adult.  Luckily, I have discovered a product to help with that!
A few months ago, a friend with amazing (and I mean amazing) skin told me about a product called Mint Julep Mask by Queen Helene.  As usual I was skeptical, but then she has such great skin I decided to investigate this product further.  I figured I might as well spend the $4.00 and sacrifice myself to see if it worked so I could pass on the info to everyone.  (Of course I first checked the ingredients, which gained my approval).  I didn't use it right away.  I waited until I noticed I had a breakout since she mentioned it cleared hers up.  I never used to get breakouts until somewhat recently, when my Dr. told me that the breakouts were caused by hormonal shifts as I aged (ooooh how I hate to say that!).
(Now here's the "real" part):  When I would get the breakouts before they would last forever and even scar a little, which never even happened to me as a teenager.  The last few rounds of breakouts I had though I tried the mask and I was pleasantly surprised when it worked to clear my skin within two days!  I have used it somewhat regularly these last few months and am still amazed that a $3.99 product from Walgreens nonetheless works so well.  It makes my face feel tingly and clean.  If overused, it can have a drying affect according to the reviews, so be sure not to use more than once or twice a week depending on your skin and be sure to use a really good moisturizer after you rinse it off.
I took a chance and bought and used it before I read the reviews on it.  After discovering it worked for me I looked it up online and saw that 98% of people gave it great reviews.  As with anything, there will always be people who something doesn't work for, or who are just negative about everything anyway, but for me (and I have very sensitive and already dry skin) it has been a fabulous find!  Like I mentioned, you can find it at Walgreens for $3.99 or even find it online (they have trial sizes online also).  And no worries boys, this is a great product for you too!
So go get your mint mask, throw a little on your face, relax in the tub and let it work it's magic and let the scent of mint rejuvenate and re-energize you!

A $3.99 product that really works!

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